What makes Kicker marine speakers so good?

Kicker is a well-known brand amongst audiophiles. The US-based company from Oklahoma first established itself as a car speakers maker back in the 1970s and quickly became famous for its superb sound quality. Now they have branched out and produce not only equipment dedicated to automobiles but also indoor sound systems for everyday use and other kinds of outdoor speakers such as marine speakers. And their products are one of the best ones on the market!

Building a good marine speaker is no easy task. It has to be extremely durable so that it can withstand harsh weather conditions. Taking a speaker on a boat puts in at risk of being damaged by both salty and freshwater, humidity and sunlight. The sound also has to be adjusted to make sure that it carries well over the crashing waves and howling wind. It’s easy to see why making a quality marine speaker is so problematic. But Kicker marine speakers are known to perform well even in the worst conditions.

Why are Kicker marine speakers so good?

When it comes to marine audio systems, Kicker products range from subwoofers and amplifiers to various accessories needed to build your perfect sound system in the specific environment that is your boat. You will find everything you need all in one place.

Some of the most popular models of Kicker marine speakers are the KM series (e.g. KM654LCW). They come in pairs, with all the accessories need to mount them on the boat right there in the box.

The sound quality is, as with any Kicker speakers, crisp and clear. Some complain that the bass is too strong but that’s understandable – any good marine speaker has to have high bass levels to be hearable on the boat. Commentators agree that if there’s one thing Kicker does great, it’s making noise. You won’t need to worry about nature sounds or party chatter overwhelming your music if you decide to go with Kicker marine speakers.

Undeniably, the KM speakers are also extremely durable. For example, the wires used to connect the speaker to the amplifier are gold-plated instead of usual tin. That makes them more resistant to corrosion. The internal components of the speakers are sealed off inside the case to make them completely waterproof. Any external components are UV-treated to they can spend a long time basking in the sunshine.

But that’s not all. These KM speakers also have a phenomenal design. The sturdy looking grilles come in two colors – white or black. The LED lighting inside of each of the speakers can make the mood of the party. The colors and various lightening modes can be changed with a handy remote controller. The LEDs are silicone-coated to protect them from any outdoor conditions.

The KM marine speakers from Kicker have both audio quality and durability. It’s a great pair of speakers that will add the final touch to your boat décor without breaking the bank. These speakers will make your party much more exciting and unforgettable.

The 7 Benefits of Camping

Living in the city is fun. However as you spend more time without nature, it can get pretty boring. If you are already tired of the hustle and bustle of living in the city, then camping might be the best thing for you to do.

Camping is an outdoor activity that you can do with your friends or family. All you need is a good camping gear and a place to camp and you’re all set to go. Don’t forget your camping mates in order to fully enjoy this adventure.

Benefits of Camping

  • Sense of Adventure

Camping gives you a sense of adventure. It will make you feel excited to do everything all at once. This is because of the things that you can do outdoors compared to your usual city life.

  • Fresh Perspective

Being in a new surroundings will give you a fresh perspective in life. Although you can get out of your house, it is never the same if you are out there with nature. Going out when you are in the city just means going to a store, school or your workplace.

  • Family or Friends Bonding

Friends and family bonding in the city cannot be compared to the bonding you will get from camping. While you are outdoors, you might encounter adventures that will make your bond tighter.

  • Resourcefulness

Living in the city gives you the convenience that you need to have everyday. You can get something as it is. But out there, you will need to try to make something out of whatever is available. This new skill will also help you out once your back home.

  • Creativity

Since you are outdoors now far away from home, you need to be more creative. Your tent will be your temporary home for a couple of days. Make it as nice as possible in order for you to feel comfortable even if you know that it’s not the same as your real home.

  • Enjoy the Fresh Air

Nothing beats the freshness of the air from the outdoors. It is because of the trees & nature itself. You can enjoy the surroundings as well. This will be good for you body as well since the air that you will breathe there is free from air pollution. You can even smell the difference.

  • Learn Survival Skills

The best part of camping is that you can learn survival skills that you may need in the future. Even if you are always with your family all the time, this is the only time that they will tell you how to survive out there. It might be because they are reserving that lesson for your camping trip.

Camping is one of the most exciting trips you may have in your life. Not only you get to bond with your family or friends. It will also be a good memory for you to remember as you grow older. It’s also nice to feel firsthand how other people lived this way before. At least you will know how to survive out there and can also teach your future children what you have learned from camping.

Things to keep in mind before going camping with family:

4 entertainment complements for your karaoke night

A karaoke night is one of the most entertaining plans you can make. People always are skeptical at first, but once you get the hang of it and find a song you truly like, you will never think as much as you used to when it’s time to make plans for the weekend. One of these karaoke machines will give you endless amounts of fun with tracks of your favorite music to sing along, but there is always room for more entertainment. You can pair your karaoke nights with other things to make the most out of the evening. Let’s take a look at 4 of these complements that you can throw in to your karaoke night to take it to the next level.

Video games

Video games can be just as surprisingly fun as karaoke itself. They introduce a certain element of challenge and competition that some other party games just cannot match. The raw skill needed to win a match of some video games can make a memorable night turn into a legendary one. Don’t be so quick to discard video games as a pairing for karaoke night, since you can create cool dynamics to integrate the two. The best part about it is that there are tons of different games out there, so you can

Drinking games

Drinking responsibly is a common thing during parties and gatherings of all kinds. Mixing things up during karaoke night to incorporate some drinking games is more than fine, particularly to make people who are somewhat reluctant to participate in the singing more comfortable with themselves. Daring people to sing their favorite songs can lead to some spectacularly entertaining moments during the night, so don’t hesitate to think of fun ways to persuade people to let themselves loose.

Live music

What better pairing for karaoke than live music? If you have a couple of friends who are musically talented, letting them shine to set the mood for the party can do wonders for everyone in attendance. You yourself can jump in the fun and set up the band right next to the karaoke setup, you just need to make sure you have all the right equipment like the cable for your guitar, your amp for your string instruments, enough space for drums, and whatever else you may need to ensure you don’t drown the sound of the karaoke singers.

Live streaming

Believe it or not, the digital age has changed even the way we party. Some people might be against it, but documenting your karaoke night for social media might be a way for your party to gain traction and even attract more people who want to join in. Live streaming your karaoke night is taking it to the next level as well, which also makes for a way to share the evening with people who couldn’t make it to the party or who are following it closely to get there later. Best of all, after the streaming session is over, you get to keep the recording of your epic karaoke sessions to watch whenever you want.

Above ground pool maintenance equipment you absolutely must have

Keeping your pool clean and safe to swim in is no small feat. It is constant work and some people just recognize it can be too much for them, so they hire a team of professional pool maintenance and cleaning experts to do it for them. However, some of the basics can be covered by any homeowner who is organized enough in terms of time, and is passionate enough about their pool to put in the work of staying on top of it at all times. The benefits of performing basic maintenance to your pool are many, but at the top of the list figures the reduced costs of having someone else do it for you. If you want to save money in the long run, first you have to spend some money on equipment to do some stuff yourself. Let’s take a look.

Pool skimmer

A pool skimmer will be your best friend for getting rid of all the leaves, dirt, bugs, and other stuff that finds their way into your pool. Like its name states, it basically serves to skim the surface of the water in your pool, much like how you would pick some ingredients you don’t like out of a bowl of soup. There are different types of skimmers, and you most likely have seen the traditional one that looks like a butterfly net. While that works just fine, there are also automatic skimmer baskets that sit just below the surface of the pool and suck all the floating objects to keep it clean.

Pool vacuum

On top of keeping the surface clean, you also need to mind the actual liner of the basin of the pool. Most permanent above ground pools have vinyl liners, which are really versatile and give a great finish to the bottom of the pool, but they can also get really dirty if you don’t clean them often enough. To avoid any gunk build-up at the bottom, a pool vacuum for above ground pools should help you. Ideally, your pool vacuum will have an extendable pole to reach the bottom of the pool and make sure water gets filtered enough that no impurities remain at any level.

PH test kit

Another basic item you need to maintain your pool is a pH test kit to regularly monitor the pH level of your pool water. It sounds simple because it is, and for that same reason you should keep it handy at all times. If you don’t keep an eye on the pH levels of your pool you can quickly get algae and other nasty bacteria growing on your pool, which in turn can stick to the bottom or quickly take over the surface.

Pool shock

So what do you do when you have an imbalance of pH and chemicals in your pool? That is when you bring out the pool shock, which is basically chlorine and other chemicals that can restore your average pH so your water stays clean and safe. This is not a daily thing, though, you need to monitor the pH with the test kit and maybe weekly or whenever you notice the levels going down, you can shock your pool to balance things again.

6 Packing Tips for Traveling Anywhere

Luggage Stuffing

luggage stuffing

Ever had a vacation ruined by forgetting to pack something important? Or, ever struggled with three suitcases and a carry on because you were too afraid to leave anything behind?

Nobody wants unnecessary stress when they’re just trying to get out and have fun, so we put together 6 packing tips that will help up your traveling game, no matter where the destination.

Write It Down!

Before you upturn your entire underwear drawer onto your bed, get out a notebook and a pen and start making a checklist.

Tip: begin your list with important documents and cash for travelling. You’re going to be checking that you made sure to bring your passport at least 50 times before you even reach the airport, so feel free to squeeze in a few extra checkmarks, just for peace of mind.

Work your way through toiletries, converters, and clothes—then go back and edit. Go through your list one more time before closing the zipper.


We live in a world that’s filled with gadgets and technology created to make our lives much easier, so don’t forget to pack your absolute essential gadgets depending on where you’re going, one of our recommendations is a handheld steamer for travel to easily iron-out your clothes.

Pack Versatile

We all have that problem where we’re only going for a short trip, but end up packing enough for clothes for a month’s stay! It’s easy to slip in a few extras “just in case”, but those few extras have a tendency to build up.

Instead, we recommend packing a few versatile outfits that can be used in different situations. For example, pack a jacket that has removable inner lining, or a simple day dress that can be spiced up for a night outing.

Split Up the Eggs

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, or that basket may be stolen at baggage claim and leave you with nothing but the shirt on your back that still smells like stale sweat and recycled airplane air.

Spread your important documents and valuables throughout different places on your body, in your bag or purse, and in your suitcase. In the case of missing baggage or theft, you won’t have lost everything in one go.

Stay Connected

These days, a working phone and a decent Wi-Fi connection may be the most valuable things on a trip. Make sure you never lose power by packing a portable battery charger for your phone.

For those of you traveling overseas or to a foreign country, think about investing in a portable Wi-Fi rental. No need to worry about insane roaming charges or the hassle of unfolding and refolding those giant, unwieldy tourist maps. For other electrical devices, a quick Google search will point you to the power converters you’ll need for foreign electrical outlets.

There Are Supermarkets Overseas, Too

Some things can be bought cheaply anywhere in the world. Simple things that take up a lot of room or weigh you down such as bath towels or shampoo and conditioner can easily be bought at your destination.

These can then be used only for the duration of your trip, or are often provided by hotels and hostels.

Keep It Small

Want to avoid over-packing? Try going a size down when choosing a suitcase to travel with! It’s tempting to pack light, look at all the empty space, and then think “Well… maybe just one thing, since there’s still some room…”.

Avoid the temptation and just pack a smaller suitcase. Anything that doesn’t fit in, doesn’t come with you on the trip. Simple.


The art of packing definitely isn’t easy to master, but by following these 6 tips, you’re well on your way to traveling light and breezy.

The Big Little Island in the Grenadines, Bequia



Bequia is an island that is a part of Saint Vincent and is the second largest island in the Grenadines. It covers an area of seven square miles and has a population of approximately forty-three hundred residents. The population of the island is an interesting mix of Scottish, Irish, French, Carib Indian and African ethnicities. The majority of the population is located in Paget Farm and Port Elizabeth. The name of the island is taken from the Arawak tribe and means ‘Isle of the clouds’. The island can trace its heritage to the Treaty of Paris in 1763.

Great Britain took control of the island and retained control of it until 1779, when the French took it. This was short lived, however and the island eventually went back to the British. During the eighteenth century, a robust sugar cane industry emerged on Bequia. The island also had a thriving export business that included the sale of indigo, rum, coffee and molasses. Today, the island is one of the last places on Earth where limited whaling is allowed by the International Whaling Commission. Natives of the island are allowed to catch up to four whales per year, if they only employ traditional hunting techniques such as hand tossed harpoons.

Bequia also has a robust tourist trade and many visitors come to the island for scuba diving and yachting.

Bequia is an island that is fond of a good party and that can be evidenced by the many festivals that are held throughout the year. During the month of December is the tradition of the Nine Mornings. For nine nights before Christmas, music and singing take place all over the island in a countdown to Christmas.

Visitors can take part in carols and musical events that feature drums and dancing.

Festivals and holidays on the island include Bequia:

  • Mount Gay Music Fest
  • Bequia Easter Regatta
  • Bequia Carnival
  • Fisherman’s Day
  • National Heroes Day
  • National Workers Day
  • Emancipation Day
  • Independence Day
  • Boxing Day
  • Whit Monday and New Year’s Eve.

While the island doesn’t have any large malls, what it does have is a ton of unique shops and boutiques.

Some of the more popular ones include:

  • Island Things
  • Garden Boutique
  • Bequia Bookshop
  • Noah’s Arkade
  • Tropical Wave
  • Solana’s Boutique

Bequia is an island that also has a deep appreciation for arts and crafts. Here tourists and visitors can find artwork and crafts of every sort, from model ships to handcrafted items and paintings.

Shops and galleries that are on this island include Mauvin’s Model Boat Shop, Sargeant Brothers Model Boat Shop, Mango Tree Cottage Studio, Claude Victorine’s Studio, Oasis Art Gallery and The Whaling Museum. The island also has plenty of fine restaurants and hotels as well.

Hotels on the island include:

  • Bequia Beach Hotel
  • Frangipani Hotel
  • Friendship Bay Beach Resort
  • Gingerbread Hotel
  • The Inn at Portofino and the Keegan’s Beach Resort.

Restaurants on the island include:

  • Blue Tropic Restaurant
  • Captain Mack’s Bar & Galley
  • Devil’s Table
  • De Reef
  • Fernando’s Hideaway
  • Frangipani
  • Jack’s Bar
  • Mac’s Pizzeria
  • Keegan’s
  • Maria’s French Terrace
  • Moskito
  • Tantie Pearl’s
  • Tommy Cantina
Bequia, Beach

Bequia, Beach

Something that has become really popular over the last few years are couples having their weddings on the island. And Bequia offers the perfect climate and natural scenery to compliment any wedding party. Just imagine a wedding on one of the island’s beautiful beaches at sunrise or sunset.

Or a wedding that is held at one of the historic churches that are located here. And since the residents of the island are so open and friendly, its not surprising to have complete strangers come up and congratulate you and your partner on your union.

A wedding set on the island is one that will brings years of beautiful memories. If your looking to plan the perfect beach wedding, there are no shortage of locations on the island. Beaches located here include Belmont Beach, Princess Margaret Beach, Lower Bay Beach, Friendship Bay Beach, Moonhole Beach, Hope Bay, Spring Bay, Industry Bay and Park Beach.

Other attractions on Bequia Island include Friendship Rose Sailing Schooner, Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary, Port Elizabeth, Anthneal’s Private Petite Museum, Cathedral Reef, Pigeon Island, The Wall, Firefly Plantation, Hamilton Fort and Dive Bequia.