6 Packing Tips for Traveling Anywhere

Luggage Stuffing
luggage stuffing

Ever had a vacation ruined by forgetting to pack something important? Or, ever struggled with three suitcases and a carry on because you were too afraid to leave anything behind?

Nobody wants unnecessary stress when they’re just trying to get out and have fun, so we put together 6 packing tips that will help up your traveling game, no matter where the destination.

Write It Down!

Before you upturn your entire underwear drawer onto your bed, get out a notebook and a pen and start making a checklist.

Tip: begin your list with important documents and cash for travelling. You’re going to be checking that you made sure to bring your passport at least 50 times before you even reach the airport, so feel free to squeeze in a few extra checkmarks, just for peace of mind.

Work your way through toiletries, converters, and clothes—then go back and edit. Go through your list one more time before closing the zipper.


We live in a world that’s filled with gadgets and technology created to make our lives much easier, so don’t forget to pack your absolute essential gadgets depending on where you’re going, one of our recommendations is a handheld steamer for travel to easily iron-out your clothes.

Pack Versatile

We all have that problem where we’re only going for a short trip, but end up packing enough for clothes for a month’s stay! It’s easy to slip in a few extras “just in case”, but those few extras have a tendency to build up.

Instead, we recommend packing a few versatile outfits that can be used in different situations. For example, pack a jacket that has removable inner lining, or a simple day dress that can be spiced up for a night outing.

Split Up the Eggs

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, or that basket may be stolen at baggage claim and leave you with nothing but the shirt on your back that still smells like stale sweat and recycled airplane air.

Spread your important documents and valuables throughout different places on your body, in your bag or purse, and in your suitcase. In the case of missing baggage or theft, you won’t have lost everything in one go.

Stay Connected

These days, a working phone and a decent Wi-Fi connection may be the most valuable things on a trip. Make sure you never lose power by packing a portable battery charger for your phone.

For those of you traveling overseas or to a foreign country, think about investing in a portable Wi-Fi rental. No need to worry about insane roaming charges or the hassle of unfolding and refolding those giant, unwieldy tourist maps. For other electrical devices, a quick Google search will point you to the power converters you’ll need for foreign electrical outlets.

There Are Supermarkets Overseas, Too

Some things can be bought cheaply anywhere in the world. Simple things that take up a lot of room or weigh you down such as bath towels or shampoo and conditioner can easily be bought at your destination.

These can then be used only for the duration of your trip, or are often provided by hotels and hostels.

Keep It Small

Want to avoid over-packing? Try going a size down when choosing a suitcase to travel with! It’s tempting to pack light, look at all the empty space, and then think “Well… maybe just one thing, since there’s still some room…”.

Avoid the temptation and just pack a smaller suitcase. Anything that doesn’t fit in, doesn’t come with you on the trip. Simple.


The art of packing definitely isn’t easy to master, but by following these 6 tips, you’re well on your way to traveling light and breezy.

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