Above ground pool maintenance equipment you absolutely must have

Keeping your pool clean and safe to swim in is no small feat. It is constant work and some people just recognize it can be too much for them, so they hire a team of professional pool maintenance and cleaning experts to do it for them. However, some of the basics can be covered by any homeowner who is organized enough in terms of time, and is passionate enough about their pool to put in the work of staying on top of it at all times. The benefits of performing basic maintenance to your pool are many, but at the top of the list figures the reduced costs of having someone else do it for you. If you want to save money in the long run, first you have to spend some money on equipment to do some stuff yourself. Let’s take a look.

Pool skimmer

A pool skimmer will be your best friend for getting rid of all the leaves, dirt, bugs, and other stuff that finds their way into your pool. Like its name states, it basically serves to skim the surface of the water in your pool, much like how you would pick some ingredients you don’t like out of a bowl of soup. There are different types of skimmers, and you most likely have seen the traditional one that looks like a butterfly net. While that works just fine, there are also automatic skimmer baskets that sit just below the surface of the pool and suck all the floating objects to keep it clean.

Pool vacuum

On top of keeping the surface clean, you also need to mind the actual liner of the basin of the pool. Most permanent above ground pools have vinyl liners, which are really versatile and give a great finish to the bottom of the pool, but they can also get really dirty if you don’t clean them often enough. To avoid any gunk build-up at the bottom, a pool vacuum for above ground pools should help you. Ideally, your pool vacuum will have an extendable pole to reach the bottom of the pool and make sure water gets filtered enough that no impurities remain at any level.

PH test kit

Another basic item you need to maintain your pool is a pH test kit to regularly monitor the pH level of your pool water. It sounds simple because it is, and for that same reason you should keep it handy at all times. If you don’t keep an eye on the pH levels of your pool you can quickly get algae and other nasty bacteria growing on your pool, which in turn can stick to the bottom or quickly take over the surface.

Pool shock

So what do you do when you have an imbalance of pH and chemicals in your pool? That is when you bring out the pool shock, which is basically chlorine and other chemicals that can restore your average pH so your water stays clean and safe. This is not a daily thing, though, you need to monitor the pH with the test kit and maybe weekly or whenever you notice the levels going down, you can shock your pool to balance things again.

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