What makes Kicker marine speakers so good?

Kicker is a well-known brand amongst audiophiles. The US-based company from Oklahoma first established itself as a car speakers maker back in the 1970s and quickly became famous for its superb sound quality. Now they have branched out and produce not only equipment dedicated to automobiles but also indoor sound systems for everyday use and other kinds of outdoor speakers such as marine speakers. And their products are one of the best ones on the market!

Building a good marine speaker is no easy task. It has to be extremely durable so that it can withstand harsh weather conditions. Taking a speaker on a boat puts in at risk of being damaged by both salty and freshwater, humidity and sunlight. The sound also has to be adjusted to make sure that it carries well over the crashing waves and howling wind. It’s easy to see why making a quality marine speaker is so problematic. But Kicker marine speakers are known to perform well even in the worst conditions.

Why are Kicker marine speakers so good?

When it comes to marine audio systems, Kicker products range from subwoofers and amplifiers to various accessories needed to build your perfect sound system in the specific environment that is your boat. You will find everything you need all in one place.

Some of the most popular models of Kicker marine speakers are the KM series (e.g. KM654LCW). They come in pairs, with all the accessories need to mount them on the boat right there in the box.

The sound quality is, as with any Kicker speakers, crisp and clear. Some complain that the bass is too strong but that’s understandable – any good marine speaker has to have high bass levels to be hearable on the boat. Commentators agree that if there’s one thing Kicker does great, it’s making noise. You won’t need to worry about nature sounds or party chatter overwhelming your music if you decide to go with Kicker marine speakers.

Undeniably, the KM speakers are also extremely durable. For example, the wires used to connect the speaker to the amplifier are gold-plated instead of usual tin. That makes them more resistant to corrosion. The internal components of the speakers are sealed off inside the case to make them completely waterproof. Any external components are UV-treated to they can spend a long time basking in the sunshine.

But that’s not all. These KM speakers also have a phenomenal design. The sturdy looking grilles come in two colors – white or black. The LED lighting inside of each of the speakers can make the mood of the party. The colors and various lightening modes can be changed with a handy remote controller. The LEDs are silicone-coated to protect them from any outdoor conditions.

The KM marine speakers from Kicker have both audio quality and durability. It’s a great pair of speakers that will add the final touch to your boat décor without breaking the bank. These speakers will make your party much more exciting and unforgettable.

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